Performing Freedom

What do you think about Freedom?
Each vocabulary should start with this word.
What can humankind be without Freedom?
Millions and Billions of people fought and are still fighting for their Freedom: Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Worship, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Love.

Freedom of Dress.

Today Iā€™m feeling to perform Freedom: a colored pinch in the total black of a romantic rock style.

What do you think about it?



Welcome Winter


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Hi everybody!
How are you?
This is my way to say hello to this freezing winter!
This is one of the many (I confess) souvenirs I bought during my amazing summer trip in California.
What do you think of my total Ugg style?

MUST HAVE: new Ugg boots, new romantic warm style šŸ™‚

Your Elena


Time for myself šŸ’…šŸ‘ÆšŸ“–šŸ“š

Monday evening means to me time for my self…and there’s nothing better of a good book to relax!
And of course…hand massage and manicure to protect my skin from these first freezy days!ā„ļøā„ļøā„ļø

Collistar gloss nail laquer gel effect, colour rock grey
Essence hand and nail balm
Mi-Ny therapy oil for cuticles and nails
Book La culla buia, Sophie Hannah

La fille des fleurs

The days when I hang around without looking for anything special are those days when I actually make the most special discoveries…
Look at those bags…Can a girl avoid falling in love with them?! I don’t think so!šŸ˜‰
Yes…these “La fille des fleurs ” bags are definetely my best discovery of the week!